About Dr. Judith Boice

My “real” bio:

I am daughter of Martha, daughter of Gladys, daughter of Celeste, daughter of Minerva. I swam here through a river of ancestors, a stream that flows back to the first spark of life. Those ancestors have nurtured me on many levels, providing the physical substrate that is my body, and the cellular structure of my soul.

My great-great grandmother loved to trade plants with friends and neighbors and had an eclectic garden, and I suspect a root cellar filled with jars of seeds.

My great grandmother was an herbalist and an Ohio farm wife who kept a black leather bag near the front door, ready day or night for a summons from a neighboring farm to heal sickness, welcome a baby, or ease an elder on their final journey.

My ancestors’ riches run in my blood, and I am grateful for their presence, their whispers that guide me to the green-moss belly of the Earth for the source of my inspiration and healing. They stand with me as I turn the soil and press seeds into the spring-softened earth and linger as I make salves in the kitchen. My ancestors abide in my love of plants and beauty, words and travel, sunsets and bird tracks in wet sand. I carry farmer, herbalist, healer, physician, musician, writer, scholar, artist in my blood. I will pass them on. To seven generations, I will pass them on.

My professional bio, i.e. “why you should pay attention to me”:

Dr. Judith Boice is a naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, #1 international best-selling author, and award-winning author and teacher.

Her mission is treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. Dr. Boice delivers sustainable health care rather than quick fixes.

She believes when people know what being healthy looks like for them, they get to have a great life, whether that’s riding bikes with their grandchildren, running three Iron Man competitions a year, or staying healthy in a high-pressure job.

Dr. Boice consults with private patients, writes books, and offers trainings that teach people how to increase their energy, reduce symptoms and reverse disease by restoring their health with natural medicines.

She believes vibrant wellness is the natural outcome when people live in harmony with the Earth, their body, and their spirit.

Dr. Boice graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (1994) and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (1996). She has been in practice for 25 years and is a Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology (FABNO) and Senior Vitalist of the Naturopathic Medical Institute. She is an associate professor for the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine doctoral program and an assistant professor at the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Dr. Boice worked for three years at Cancer Treatment Centers of America Southwestern Regional Medical Center. She lives in southern Oregon.

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