by Dr. Judith Boice


Green Medicine Chest

The Green Medicine Chest™: Healthy Treasures for the Whole Family a book by Dr. Judith Boice: a 300+ page book designed to guide your family through daily health challenges. The book is organized for quick access, and the writing style is friendly and reassuring - just what a family needs in the midst of an injury or acute illness. In addition, you can use the information in the book to build greater levels of health. This book won 2 awards in 2011. A Nautilus Silver and Living Now Bronze.

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Menopause With Science and Soul

Menopause With Science and Soul: A Guidebook for Navigating the Journey (Paperback)
Integrating modern medicine and ancient spiritual wisdom, Menopause with science and Soul is an intelligent and thoughtful companion to navigating the menopausal journey. Drawing from the latest medical studies, naturopath Dr. Judith Boice advises women on practical concerns such as bone health, phytoestrogens, diet and exercise and, hormone replacement therapy, and offers stories, interviews, and rituals to nurture women's mental and emotional health. Essays and poetry from sixteen prominent writers celebrate the broad spectrum of women's menopausal experiences and honor diverse spiritual approaches to this significant life passage. Whether you're struggling with hot flashes or reveling in an unexpected rebirth of creativity, this comprehensive guide provides the scientific and soul-centered support you need. This book is a 2009 Nautilus Silver Award winner.
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"But My Doctor Never Told Me That!": Secrets for creating lifelong health
"But My Doctor Never Told Me That!" unveils the secrets for creating lifelong health. You will learn how to make choices that support your vision of health, choose foods that nourish your body, develop an exercise program you enjoy, and establish a collaborative relationship with your physician. More info...
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Pocket Guide to Naturopathic Medicine (The Crossing Press Pocket Series)
Combining the best current medical practice with remedies of the past, naturopathic medicine works to enhance your body's innate healing capacity. This pocket-sized volume covers naturopathic medical philosophy, an introduction to natural therapies, and home remedies for 26 common conditions. Every patient who comes into my office receives a copy of this book so that in the future they can begin immediately to take care of acute ailments at home, e.g. colds, burns, diaper rash, indigestion, and menstrual cramping.


Sierra Club Mother Earth Postcard Collection; Through the Eyes of Women Photographers
The Sierra Club Mother Earth Postcard Collection, a companion to the extraordinary photographic and literary collection Mother Earth, presents a unique vision of our planet as seen through the eyes of such talented women nature photographers as Barbara Brundege, Linde Waidhofer, and Pam Roberson. Here, in the Sierra Club tradition of excellence in nature photography, are 22 dramatic full-color, ready-to-mail postcards that reveal the graceful beauty and awesome power of Mother Earth

daily activism

The Art of Daily Activism
The Art of Daily Activism is an invaluable guide to making the most of the politics of day-to-day life, combining the lessons of the mind, the heart, and a lifetime's experience. Envision a life worthy of your living and then create that vision in your daily life. "This book is for those who have dreamed, awakened to disillusionment, and remained determined to realize the stuff of dreams in the daily waking world. The heroes and heras are you and I, and our time is now."

at one with

At One with All Life: A Personal Journey in Gaian Communities (Paperback)
At One with All Life is the story of Judith's life in four communities that shared a deep respect for the Earth. She has lived at the Bear Tribe, a Native American Medicine Society; the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland; Auroville in India; and with traditional aboriginal people in Australia’s Western Desert.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth: Through the Eyes of Women Photographers and Writers, Revised Tenth-Anniversary Edition [SPECIAL EDITION]

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With more than seventy brilliant color photographs and accompanying rich text, Mother Earth combines some of the world's most talented women photographers with the poetry and prose of eminent women writers to present a unique perspective on our planet.

Divided into five sections, the book celebrates Earth's distinct yet interwoven realms: Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human, and Oneness, the realm where all inexorably meet. In each section, an introductory essay or story is followed by pairings of images and quotes, which together reveal Mother Earth's tenderness and power, playfulness and intensity, intimate detail and vast breadth, inspiring readers to look afresh at her fragile yet powerful beauty and the interconnectedness of all life.