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Green Medicine Chest®

The Green Medicine Chest is for you if you

  • have ever felt helpless caring for a sick child with a high fever or an earache in the middle of the night
  • are frustrated with relying on doctors of any stripe for your health care and want to become your own reliable “medical advisor”
  • are confused and overwhelmed by the contradictory information about supplements and how to find the highest quality, most effective natural medicines available

“Green” medicines can resolve many common illnesses or home emergencies without a trip to the ER or a doctor’s office. Thank goodness doctors and hospitals are there for true emergencies. Many of those visits, though, may be unnecessary if you are well trained in using natural medicines.

As someone who doctors your family with natural medicines, and who aspires to be as self-sufficient as possible, you deserve to have the tools and support you require to use Green medicines, the sustainable medicines of the Earth, to safely and successfully care for your family’s health.

Access the Green Medicine Chest®, right in your own home, with award-winning author and teacher, Dr. Judith Boice.

Concierge Medicine: What It Is & What It Can Do For You

Concierge Medicine: What It Is & What It Can Do For You

Origin and Etymology of "Concierge" French, from Old French, probably from Vulgar Latin *conservius, alteration of Latin conservus fellow slave, from com- + servus slave (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Are you tired of going to the doctor and walking out with only a...

8 Most Common Food Allergens

8 Most Common Food Allergens

8 MOST COMMON FOOD ALLERGIES Dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt, cottage cheese, etc.) Eggs Peanuts Tree nuts, like walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, brazil nuts, and pecans Soy Wheat and other grains with gluten, including barley, rye, and oats. Finned fish (e.g. tuna, salmon,...

Tips for Staying Healthy: Cold and Flu Season

Far from being a passive victim snagged by viruses and bacteria, you can significantly reduce your chances of becoming ill by cultivating health during cold and flu season. Just as bugs tend to attack weakened plants in the garden, so do bacteria and viruses "invade"...